Ocat Verdigris

Hello! I am Ocat Verdigris. I work as interface and front-end developer. I have passion for pixel perfect, minimal and easy to use interfaces. I'm focused, dedicated, hard-working and willing to learn in a changing and challenging environment.

Courses & Workshops

Udacity: Intro to HTML and CSS

Build styled, well-structured websites. Learn how to use HTML5 standard to create websites. Understand CSS syntax, selectors, and units. Learn about code editors and a browser's Developer Tools.

Udemy: The Web Developer Bootcamp

Learn how to create full-stack web applications from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, VanillaJS, NodeJS, MongoDB.

EdX: Web Programming with JavaScript

Learn how to create web apps and prototypes with JavaScript, represent and exchange data using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), and how to access RESTful APIs on the web.

Django Girls: 2-Day Workshops

Learn back-end development with simple blog application using Django framework.


Good knowledge

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript ES5/6
  • SQL

Basic knowledge

  • jQuery
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Django


🇵🇱 Polish - Native speaker

🇬🇧 English - Proficient C1/C2

🇫🇷 French - Advanced - C1

🇪🇸 Spanish - Intermediate - B1/B2

🇩🇪 German - Elementary / Communicative - A2


2015-2018 Octocats tech academy
Bechelor Degree of Octorobotics
2012-2015 Underwater kittens high school
Main subject: Cathemathics


03.2018 - 06.2018 Tentacles Company
Position: Web developer Intern

Tech stack: HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery

  • Develop web application for Octopoda departments
  • Implement UI (front-end site) based on received graphic design and requirements
  • Co-operate with the back-end team